It's Time...
To elect someone who WILL work for YOU...not a big paycheck.

Marion Chase

Marion Chase will take on the issues that affect our County residents.
She wants to help her neighbors with REAL problems, such as,
the high cost of housing & healthcare.
She wants fair wages and benefits for workers,
and new jobs and employment opportunities for everybody.
She also wants higher standards in County politics.

Sonoma County Supervisor 5th District


Email me at:
Why I want to be your Supervisor

People keep asking me “Why are you running? You're not a politician.” My response is “You are right. I am not a politician.” We have enough of those already representing our county. I am running because I believe we need someone to represent the 5th District whose heart and life is here. I want to be the voice for those who do not have one.

There are lots of voices representing special interests and businesses. I will be the voice for the homeless – the small business owner – the environment. I believe that corporate entities must be responsible neighbors. I believe growth is important, but not if it comes at the expense of the environment. Wineries and vineyards are an integral part of our district, but we need to assure that they are good stewards of the water resources and streams.

We are a disparate group here in the 5th District. This is what makes our district so amazing and full of life. We can work as a community of individuals pursuing what is best for West County. I believe in the now familiar proverb “It takes a Village” as it pertains to creating a healthy community. Please let me know your concerns and how you believe we can create a unified and vibrant Village. 

The county is waiting for a CHANGE!

The 5th District needs someone who will work FOR the people,
rather than make the people work for them.

Fair Rates and Living Wages

Affordable Housing

Marion believes that we need to address the wage stagnation that exists in Sonoma County.
We CAN find a way to balance income growth with job growth. We need a strong Business Community to increase the tax base. This, in turn, allows us to improve the services provided to ALL of our residents.
One of Marion's TOP priorities = The Homeless
Marion Chase believes in fair housing for ALL Sonoma County residents. She believes that it is important to increase the inventory of affordable housing by:
  • Streamlining the permit process
  • Creating more public/private partnerships
  • Making it easier for landlords to accept HUD vouchers


Improved Budget Management

Green City Services and Transportation

Marion is fiscally conservative.
This means properly investing in the infrastructure,
while interest rates are low, as well as, investing in PEOPLE,
so that our community can grow and prosper.


Marion supports better County public transportation, as well as, cost effective measures to improve making our County more Environmentally Friendly.
Support the People
Support our County

Marion Chase will work FOR the people
She wants YOU to have:
1. Affordable housing 
2.  Benefits 
3. A fair wage to support your families

"I believe in finding balance."

Marion wants to make a difference.
She has lived in Sonoma County her entire life.
She has owned her own home in the 5th District for 16 years.
She is NOT a professional politician.
She will bring NO baggage.
She will enter this job with an open mind.

Marion Chase for Supervisor

5th District of Sonoma County

Marion Chase will work for you!

My top priorities:

What sets me apart:

Affordable Housing



Responsible growth
Passionate about helping my Community

Not a career politician

Believes the Board of Supervisors needs to be held fiscally responsible

Understands the struggles of the average Sonoma County resident

What I Believe:

I have lived in the 5th District most of my life. My partner & I have owned a home here for the past 16 years. I have the passion and desire to represent the most diverse district in our County.

I worked at the Sonoma Developmental Center for 4 years. I will give voice to those who do not have one. I have worked in Economic Assistance (Medi-Cal/Cal Fresh) for 2.5 years.

I see the economic reality of our County and know that together we can improve it. We can address homelessness through public/private partnerships. We can address the housing shortage by streamlining permits-lowering fees on affordable housing and making it easier for landlords to accept HUD vouchers.

We need to bring High Speed Internet access to Guerneville and beyond-to the Coast. Access to High Speed Internet allows businesses to expand. It also improves communication for the Sheriff's Department.

We need to improve our infrastructure while interest rates are still at historic lows. We need to find innovative ways to pay for this. By investing in infrastructure, we are investing in our Future.

We have a growing Senior population. I have been speaking with Seniors in our community, who are concerned about how to stay in their homes as they age. There is currently a lack of quality affordable alternatives. We need to actively address this issue and work together to find solutions.

 Mary (Marion) Chase

Elgibility Worker with County of Sonoma, CA.